Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Virtual Data Room and Virtual Assistance - Is It A Threat to Your Privacy?

Well, this is undoubtedly true that virtual data room or virtual assistance these kind of services are making your business easier and making your business more efficient. Previously you were only able to provide service to your customer only at the time when your office employees were at your office.

But right now you can provide your service through out the clock. Because you are outsourcing your business. When you are sleeping at that time the other part of the world are in full swing and they are doing their duty to provide the full satisfactory service to your customers. You are outsourcing your job also with low payment. So, you are increasing efficiency and also making a lot of profit by spending less money on that project.

But now the question comes whether this virtual assistance kind of thing is secured or this has a threat to your business or the personal data? Well from my experience, i will tell you that this is not 100% percent secured and there is always a chance to get your data leaked. If the companies are dealing with the data which is very much confidential then it is not that easy to tell that the data is secured in the hand of third party.

I want to share one experience which i had read in a newspaper. The story is about one third party company who used to deal with the data from financial institution. The company used to call all the clients who are having loans or having other issues. So, in that company a lot of personal and confidential data were stored. Like bank account numbers or residential address etc.

So, what is the story? The story is a person managed to get one persons all bank details from his girlfriend who used to work in that third party company who were dealing with the data. Then the person changed the address of that person and sent one notice to bank about changing the address. As the bank account was active for a long time the person choose that account.

Also able to manage one credit card in the new address and used all the money which was in that account. So, this is the way through which your confidential data gets leaked.

Also virtual assistance is not that much efficient. The assistance like call center or customer service , if this kind of thing gets outsourced then the third party company does not concentrate that much on your business. Last week i made a call to Paypal as i was having issue with my account name. One Indian caller agent handled my call and told me that he will call me back after 30 minutes with the solution but i waited for 30 minutes but still no call from their side. So, this is a process to skip the problematic all or to avoid call for which he does not have any solution.
So, i want to conclude with the sentence that though the virtual data room or virtual assistance is increasing our efficiency  also they are making our personal data more open to the world. So, we need to be very cautious while selecting one third party service.

Monday, April 1, 2013

MyBlogGuest Spring Contest-Win Cash Upto 500 USD !!!

Toady i am going to share one exciting news with my reader through this blog.Have you ever heard about MyBlogGuest?Basically MyBlogGuest is a best platform for a new blogger where you can find lots of guest post for your blog and it is totally free.When a blogger open an blog then it is really very tough job for him/her to write all article by him/self.In this situation most of the blogger find guest post for his blog and MyBlogGuest very useful in this helpless situation.To get guest post you have to open an account in MyBlogGuest.There are lots of free article and all the articles are unique.You need to offer your blog there and if somebody likes your blog then he/she can submit article to your blog.You can also want article with specific requirement.In that way you can easily get guest post from MyBlogGuest.There is also premium membership offer for that you have to pay money.
Recently MyBlogGuest introduce on wordpress plugin on September, 2012.Now they wants every MyBlogGuest member use this plugin on their blog.To promote this wordpres plugin MyBlogGuest authority announce one contest named "MyBlogGuest Spring Contest" and you can win cash upto 500 USD by participating this contest.To participate this contest at first you have open an account in here. Then you have to follow the following instructions-

  • Add your WordPress-run self-hosted blog.
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The prize amount are-
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The contest is going on from 21st March,2013 to 6th May,2013.In between this days MyBlogGuest API will track your activity.If you are using this wordpress plugin frequently then may be you will be the winner of this contest.
If you have no wordpress platform blog still you can participate in this competition just by spreading the news about this contest.
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